1. France Gall - Frankenstein
  2. France Gall - Les Petits Ballons

Two Gainsbourg-penned tracks from 1972, very different to her previous work and, thankfully, not yet hinting at the musical direction she was to take soon after (except for her softened vocals). 'Les Petits Ballons' is unlike anything else I've heard from her; great slide guitar - I used to think this song was Beck each time the intro started! 'Frankenstein' is also stylistically a rather stand-alone song for her with its campy horror tone. And it has to be the cutest pronunciation of Frankenstein you're ever likely to hear.

I was surprised to find out Gainsbourg had written some later tunes for her, as all the online info about France says she never worked with him again after finding out the meaning of 'Les Sucettes'. This page says "She had more courage in her to return to Gainsbourg in 1972". I'd like to know more of the story behind this, especially after reading the lyrics to 'Les Petits Ballons'. It contains lines that are possibly even less subtle with innuendo than 'Les Sucettes'. Examples: (exact translation) "One inflates me with the mouth" and "I only quiver when one touches my small balloons".

Last day tomorrow and a biggie! Stay tuned!

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  • gerry  
    Hi again ! These two tracks were released as a single in 1972 and it turned out to be one of the most wanted singles (besides Zozoi) of France Gall. Do you know the TV appearance of France Gall in early 1973 in a show with Jacques Dutronc, where she sings "Frankenstein" ? She looks absolutely gorgeous there with a long white dress... and Dutronc "plays" the monster that "grabbed" her at the end... kinda funny ! :-)
    Greetz: Gerry
    • Christine  
      Yes, I have that clip on DVD... I had no idea Dutronc was the monster though!
  • Kate  
    What are the odds I can convince you to re-post these?

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