Sit back, relax, light some candles if you will for this special event... as promised, 7 days of France Gall and nothing but France Gall. Thank you to everyone who's visited and for your feedback, it has made this heaps of fun. It's extremely exciting to have reached 5000 hits in just over 2 weeks. I'm glad so many of you love this music as much as I do.

OK, first tune is a fairly rare 1968 track, 'Allo Monsieur là-haut'. It doesn't appear on most best-of's or compilations, but can be found on the Japanese release L'Anthologie, as well as the 2 boxset releases (here and here).

The first time I heard the "c'est France Gall" bit in this song, I genuinely teared up because it's so adorable, and hearing her sing her own name is everything you could ever dream of in a song. Plus it features her chirpy falsetto as a celestial-sounding accompaniment, which is at once ludicrous and beautiful.

Second up, 'Cet air-là' from Baby Pop, just because it's my favourite. Although not rare as such, it does tend to get left off the best-of's which is a shame because it's such an exquisite track. It was written by France's father Robert Gall and composer Alain Goraguer (who later created the cult favourite soundtrack to La Planète Sauvage).

Enjoy, and please leave a comment if you have any special requests.

  1. France Gall - Allo Monsieur là-haut (1968)
  1. France Gall - Cet air-là (1965)

Comments (2)

  • Davecat  
    An excellent way to start France Gall week. :-) And you're right, 'Allo Monsieur Là-Haut' is very twee. It's rare to hear a song out of her that isn't a beat-driven dance number - or maybe those are just the ones I'm drawn to more - but it's pretty ace.. Can't wait for the rest of the week's entries!
  • IanB  
    Great series .............. Ye-Ye !!! Tres Bien !!

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