Sisters Wendy and Bonnie Flower (their real names) recorded one album, Genesis, in 1968. Only 17 and 13 years old respectively at the time, Wendy & Bonnie wrote all the material themselves and it's stunning - in its own right, not just 'for their age'. Breezy, soft but savvy folk pop gems abound on this recording. Quite an energetic melody on some, like the track I've chosen. Float away with them with 'It's What's Really Happening' (from Genesis):

Wendy & Bonnie - It's What's Really Happening

They later worked with Cal Tjader, and can be heard singing backing vocals on this lovely soft jazz number from 1971, 'Morning' (from Descarga):

Cal Tjader - Morning

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  • ribs  
    Congratulations on your excellent taste and generosity. Thanks for these!
  • Ion  
    My friend Mordi over at Blow Up Doll led me to your blog -- which looks fantastic so far. Looking forward to seeing what gems you continue to come up with -- like Wendy & Bonnie. Since I have their CD already, I went straight to the Cal Tjader, which was great. As you probably know, a snippet of W&B's "By The Sea" was used on Super Furry Animal's Rings Around the World album, giving the sisters some new found recognition.
    • Christine  
      Thank you both very much. Actually, Ion, I didn't know that, as I've never really followed Super Furry Animals, though I remember now reading something about it. There was a big time lapse between me hearing that song in passing, and hearing Wendy & Bonnie, so I didn't put that together. Did the newfound interest generated by that prompt the CD reissue?
      • ion  
        Actually the Wendy and Bonnie CD reissue came out before SFA got a hold of it. I was wrong about which SFA album it's on. You can hear it on their CD "Phantom Power" during the beginning of "Hello Sunshine."
        • Christine  
          Ah ok. I knew it was on 'Hello Sunshine', but didn't know what album that was on (except the OC soundtrack, hehe).
  • Rob Mardin  
    I simply love this kind of breezy folk pop!

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