The Brunettes - Loopy Loopy Love (Mars Loves Venus, 2004)

NZ retro-pop genius. Buy everything of theirs you can find - both albums and their EPs. They pull off my favourite pop trick, which is making albums of highly catchy songs, all with the same elements you love, but with enough inspiration to make each song melodically strong and quite different from the next. No filler, in other words.

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  • Sofie  
    a very cool song, thanks! Oh god, like I said before, I am so addicted to your radioblog! I want every single one of your songs, hehe :) I have been searcing for that Adam's Boys track, but can't seem to find it - hate to ask for uploads, but I can't live without that track! Do you have more of them?
  • Bruno  
    Hi Christine,very nice one,love your blog's new look,I want a new look as well! ;) Also love the little player thingies so you can listen to a song before downloading! WOW!
    • Christine  
      Cheers, Bruno! Yeah, I've suddenly become savvy at doing all these little features - when I started, even doing the blog was daunting. Let me know if you want any 'how to's' on anything.
  • mostly  
    Thanks! - it's the kind of track that makes me think the rest of the album would be worth getting.

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