Georgie Fame - Get Away

Rare footage of Georgie Fame performing on the West German music TV show, Beat! Beat! Beat! in 1967. (Update: replaced with better quality version from Youtube.)

I came across this great cover of the Georgie Fame classic 'Yeh Yeh' by Los Tres Sudamericanos, a 60s Paraguayan trio (two guys and one gal) who found success in Spain. I previously featured their version of 'The Girl From Ipanema'.

  1. Los Tres Sudamericanos - Yeh Yeh (1965)
  2. Georgie Fame - Yeh Yeh (1965)

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  • poster  
    i dig the georgie fame
  • Mark  
    Funny, I was just listening to the Hullabaloo album (easy listening songs to accompany the tv program), and they do Yeh Yeh on that. Not like Georgie was ever on the show, if he was he's not on the DVDs. Anyways, ace stuff, gotta pick up his first couple US LPs one day.
    • Christine  
      Actually, I have got a Hullabaloo clip of Georgie performing 'Yeh Yeh' - not that I could put my hands on it right now, though. But it's up on YouTube:
      • Mark  
        Aha, another one missing from theose DVDs. Thanks for the link! And that Getaway clip is cool too, didn't expect to see him strumming a guitar.

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