Just received an email from the French TV Archive Institute, letting me know about their new (?) website, which features some amazing video clips that you can stream, or, for a small fee, download. They very wisely sent me the link for the video pictured above. Yes, ladies, brace yourselves - it's Jacques Dutronc in the bathtub.

Hmm, I guess this explains the deletion of several Dutronc clips from YouTube - including the France Gall 'Frankenstein' clip I posted, in which Dutronc appears. And possibly how the Institute got my email address. Strange...

Looks like all the usual suspects have some clips in the archives. Be sure to let me know if you find any other must-see videos!

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  • bruno  
    Great stuff,thanks for the tip!
  • Mark  
    Dang, I didn't know you were posting again, and look what I've been missing! Awesome link, I found a Francoise clip where she's talking about the early Scopitones- she's more animated in the interview than in any of her videos I've seen...
  • colleen  
    wowza -- jacques dutronc is the hottest thing evah! yum! xxoo c

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