Saint Etienne
Saint Etienne - La Poupée Qui Fait Non (1994)

This English-language cover is top-form Saint Etienne - just lovely. Originally appeared on the 'Hug My Soul' single, and later on A Tribute To Polnareff.

*Thanks Robert, for letting me know this is a different version to the one on Hug My Soul. I haven't actually heard that one, but just assumed it was the same one when I checked a discography. I just read the B-side version is actually a live performance that correct? I'd love to hear it if anyone wants to send me a copy. This version from the tribute album was produced by Bertrand Burgalat (as are half the tracks on there). You can download some free Bertrand mp3's here.

Cristina - Doll In The Box
Cristina - La Poupée Qui Fait Non (1980)

I think this might be the best description imaginable of Cristina's version:

"Poupée Qui Fait Non" features clichéd calypso steel drums versus clichéd disco cow bell plus skeletonized fragments of fake Gene Krupa, with vocal stylings by the ineffable Cristina, sounding like a lunatic talking to herself in the street.  (

If you missed Part 1, it's here.

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  • Scott Salsman  
    Haha, I was just listening to a selection from A Tribute to Polnareff on Spiked-Candy Radio, and then I came here and read about another one.
  • robert  
    hadn't heard the Tribute version of the Etienne cover, very twinkly! the single version is rockier with guitar & drums etc, also very nice!
  • leather-clad qqf resident  
    To me Cristina is the icing on the cake. And the entire album is... well the entire cake. Pop for the underworld. Yé-yé in drag. Unwholesome. Irresistible. Rrrrrrr...
  • Guuzbourg  
    Oww, great Cristina track!
  • Bruno  
    Welcome back! :) Unfortunately the version you posted of "J'ai peur parfois" is the one i had already..I've found this Belgian ep called "Spring hits" on it is a version of "Poupée de cire" by Jean Claudric and his ensemble with Ann Morre,it's an interesting different arrangement,don't know if you already have that one,just let me know if you want it! All the best,Bruno.
  • Bruno  
    Me again,that Cristina version is really good! ;)
  • Christine  
    Thanks Robert, have just updated the entry.
    Scott - ixnay on the adioray - it's not ready yet and there's meant to be a grand unveiling...
    Bruno - nope I don't have that one, I'd love it if you could email me it! I'll email you the other version of Adele then. I thought this one was the less common, just because I'd listened to the other one over and over before I discovered this one. Do you have the original EP?
    • Scott Salsman  
      So sorry! Of course I had no idea. I'm usually the last to know everything.
      • Christine  
        It's ok! Well, in this case you're not the last to know, you're probably the first to know it even exists. But yeah, only people who've found my blog through know about it, I haven't mentioned it on here yet. I'm just waiting for the release of the new player so it will work smoothly for everyone (I hope).
        • Scott Salsman  
          New player? I must be the last to hear about that! Alright!
    • Bruno  
      It's a deal,I'll record it tomorrow and mail it to you.I don't have the original ep yet,but I'm looking for it! :)
  • ion  
    Beautiful version. I have the more rockin' Hug My Soul version if you still need it. Luna also do a pretty respectable version as well.
  • Christine  
    Thanks Ion, but I have it now - thanks Robert! Pretty good, but I think the later one is perfect.
    Scott - yeah an upgraded version. It's probably only those of us on old Windows versions that have been desperately checking the forums every 5 minutes who know the new one's coming soon. We couldn't even listen for about 3 months until they gave us a beta version of the upcoming one.
  • terry  
    I cant find the Cristina - La Poupee Qui Fait Non and Saint Etienne - La Poupee Qui Fait Non
    pls hlp
    • Christine  
      sorry, links only stay up for a limited time. these are really old posts!

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