Isn't he cute in that video? Cute is not the word that springs to mind, however, about this recent picture.

The Birds
The Birds - La Poupee Qui Fait Non

From The Collectors' Guide To Rare British Birds.

Michel Polnareff

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  • bruno  
    Hi and thanks for sharing that Birds cover,didn't know about that!The photo of Polnareff surely indicates a mid-life crisis,the caption goes : a new love,a new body?,a new career...Well when you're 60,anything goes I guess.The b-side of his poupée 45 also has a good psychpop song on it,tapis magique (or something like that)about a flying carpet!
    • bruno  
      What am I rambling about..Time to wake up,the b-side of poupée is of course Beatnick!Tapis magique is a b-side by French singer Marc Hamilton.Sorry about that ;)
  • terry  
    we cant find the clip and the song... links are invalid .., pls hlp

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