Clothilde - Saperlipopette cover
(Cover courtesy of Bardot A Go Go)

Yes, Clothilde's Italian tracks do actually exist! And, thanks to Simon, the man behind the brilliant Ye-Ye Girls Website, I'm now able to bring them to you. These plus the French tracks BlowUpDoll has posted are, as far as anyone knows, her entire output. So all you Clothilde fanatics can finally be Clothilde completists!

Clothilde - Ora so cos 'e (La Chanson Bête et mechante )
Clothilde - Qualcosa che non va (Fallait pas écraser la queue du chat)

Update: Can now be purchased on Born Bad Records' Clothilde compilation.

Comments (8)

  • mark  
    Wow, thanks a lot!
  • Davecat  
    Very cool. Thanks, Christine!
  • mordi  
    on one hand this is really exciting and on the other hand it is really sad- because it means the clothilde collection is complete and there is no more! but at least i have these to enjoy now- thanks!- good research!
  • modcentric  
    great stuff! =)
  • bruno  
    What a find!!!!
  • ion  
    You rule the school, Christine. Wish I could say "thank you very much" in Italian. What if I just mail you a pizza instead?
  • Christine  
    *takes a bow
    mmm, pizza...
  • ursula  
    mille grazie!

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