Margo GuryanMargo Guryan
Margo Guryan - I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You (1967)

If I have this right, this was an unreleased demo of the song Margo wrote for Claudine Longet. This and other demos were released on 2001's (imaginatively titled) 25 Demos.

Margo on Claudine here - "She's a little bit bit rhythmically challenged" haha.

Saint Etienne
Saint Etienne - I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You (1998)

I think Saint Etienne possibly have the best taste in covers ever.

I'm nowhere near done with all the Christmas songs I want to post. Might have to do some zip files.

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  • bruno  
    Another one for my christmas eve dj-playlist! :)
    • Christine  
      which one - margo or st etienne?
      • bruno  
        • Christine  
          popping some more songs up in a sec, hopefully you'll find a few more to use.
          bruno i keep meaning to tell you this re: the snobs video you posted. i was reading an old nme interview with edwyn collins and they asked him about blur v. oasis, and he said that blur were the equivalent of the snobs and it would be more honest if they decked themselves out in the same wigs and gear. :D cracked me up, and i was glad i had seen the footage of the snobs, thanks to you!

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