Christine Delaroche - Une fleur cover scan
Christine Delaroche - Les tigres et les minets (1967)

According to Ye-Ye Girls, Christine was a "purveyor of typical late sixties baroque-pop in a similar vein as Violaine and Clothilde and also an actress." This track is less baroque (the other track of hers you might have heard, "La Porte à côté", is a better example) and more of a cheerful 60s pop romp.

Last time I watched The Graduate, I noticed that in the scene where Benjamin and Elaine kiss for the first time, they're in front of a large picture of Christine Delaroche. If I remember correctly, it's on the outside of a club advertising that she's performing there (her name is clearly visible).

The above pic is the sleeve of an EP I bought that unfortunately snapped in transit :(. Double cardboard people, sheesh! So I still haven't heard those songs on it. If you are a kind and lovely person (I know you are) and you have any other Christine songs, please send them to me at spikedcandy[at] I have 'La Porte..' and one labelled as 'Le 4e Titre' - I don't know if that's actually the name of the song. I thought it was just the equivalent of something being labelled 'Track 4', but it's listed under that title on a compilation, so who knows.

And while I'm at it, I'll make another plea for the tracks 'Patropi' by Maria Sandra, and 'Busy Signal' by the Lollipops, in case anyone has them. I'm also seeking the original 'Deux garçons pour une fille' by Arlette Zola (it was covered by April March). Actually, there's another song I'm looking for that I was going to mention, but I just found it on Ebay for 99c and am afraid if I draw attention to it, some of you naughty people might try to outbid me! But I will say - I have seen the 7" loads of times on ebay for $1 or $2 and it never sold. I finally bid after a seller put a soundclip up and it turned out to be a fantastic song... but it went up to £22 this time! Moral of the story: soundclips pay off well!

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