Ellie Greenwich
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The Raindrops* - Talk About Me

There are finally some new articles up on ChaChaCharming - and it has been well worth the wait! Check out Sheila's amazing interview with Ellie Greenwich. And this interview from a couple of years ago is fantastic also. This is my favourite bit from that interview:

DLB: ...but what impresses me is that you guys [Brill Building songwriters] were kids. And yet you were employing so much genuine melody and so much rich harmony. Qualities that are almost totally absent in so much of today’s pop music.

EG: Yeah, they’re kinda hard to find. And then, when someone finds it, people are like "Wow!", and I’m over here thinking, [nonplussed] "Wow, what??"

My sentiments exactly!

*Update: The performer was originally wrongly credited in this post as Ellie Greenwich instead of The Raindrops, a group formed by Greenwich and her songwriting partner and husband, Jeff Barry. Greenwich features on vocals and piano. 

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