1. Cécilia et Ses Ennuis - Les Interrogations Existentielles (2000)
  2. Cécilia et Ses Ennuis - On m'appelle Pussycat (2000)

Paris's Cécilia et Ses Ennuis released a few EPs between 2000-01 of French 60s beat-inspired garage pop. The songs come across as very convincing faux yé-yé. 'Les Interrogations Existentielles' sounds like the band travelled back in time to get Jacques Dutronc to write them a track. 'On m'appelle Pussycat' channels the sultriness of Bardot or Andrea Parisy's 'Laisse tomber les tabous'. Foxy lead singer Cécilia Meneau makes the ideal 21st century fille dans le garage, with her modern, sexier take on the sass and cool the original 60s girls exuded. But she doesn't need a Dutronc or Gainsbourg-type to pen her tracks - her songwriting chops are her own.

As I understand it, the band aren't still together, but played a one-off comeback show in October. You can watch their performance of 'Rouge Rouge' from this show here (in typical fan-filmed quality).

Cécilia was formerly in the band The No Talents, and is currently in Operation S. Check out their MySpace - their sound is heavier, but will likely still appeal to Cécilia fans.

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  • Tom  
    Hehe, this is great... my french isn't good enough to pick up all the lyrics, but it's just great bouncy listening. Cheers!
  • Guuzbourg  
    Glad to know you, pussycat. ;)
  • L'Anonyme de Chateau Rouge  
    Cecilia et ses ennuis Cecilia Sarkozy pour les français là commence les ennuis
  • Christine  
    Great to hear, Tom. And Guuz, how did I know you'd like that one...

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