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Bust, the magazine that brings you femme culture in a fun, creative and smart way, now has a brilliant new online feature: free, legal mp3s of music featured in their issues. Go here to grab the downloader and instructions (Update: now defunct). The current taster features The Gossip, Two Ton Boa, Guy Sigworth, Flin Flon and The Receiver. My picks: the incredible 60s/70s folk songstress Karen Dalton's take on the traditional 'Katie Cruel' (French pop fans may be familiar with Marie Laforêt's version), and The Pipettes' 'Pull Shapes' video, which lovingly recreates the Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls party scene.

Thanks to everyone who's visited Spiked Candy for bringing me up to over 500,000 page views! One thing I'd love is to get a little more feedback on my posts. I don't mean to be needy in our relationship, but sometimes a girl needs to know if her first-time-posted-online ultra-rare video/picture/song excites you as much as it does her! The blog continues to be a labour of love, but I'd also like a little more of an idea of which posts you enjoy the most. A big thank you to those who do take the time to comment, email or Myspace message me.

A special shout-out to all my last.fm friends - you really help keep the blogging and music discovery journey rewarding. Last.fm members and readers of this blog - if you're yet to stumble across my last.fm group, here it is: Spiked Candy Last.Fm Group.

Lots of planned posts in the works... in the meantime, any special requests or stuff you'd like to see/hear more of? I'll be moving from Blog-City soon, and I'm happy to start the extended leaving party now!

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  • mordi  
    I LOVE the Bust Boobtique- I've had that on my favourites list for a few months, just waiting for the day when I have a few spare pennies!
    I know EXACTLY what you mean about feedbackk. I was just about to post a moan about it myself on blowupdoll! Expecially as mydatabus records how many downloads there has been and sometimes 2000 downloads will only get 2 comments!!!!!!!
    Well, I'm still loving spiked candy am have enjoyed all the FG videoclips , new music and links.
    Keep it up doll!
    • Christine  
      I hope you still write your moan up. I think it's important to remind people that there's really nothing we're doing this for other than to share with people, and sometimes just vaguely knowing it's 'out there' is not enough. More direct interaction is really motivating.
      I know what you mean about having downloads in the thousands and none to very few comments. It makes you wonder why just a few of those people don't leave a quick thank you or let you know they liked the song.
  • Oscar  
    Thank you for your dedication on keeping spikedcandy up and running. I checkout your website everyday. It's great listening to other types of music that have great beats. If it wasn't for this site, I would have never known great music ever existed. I agree with Mordi...love the FG videos!!
    Thank you and your fans for sharing your music!!!
    • Christine  
      Thanks so much, Oscar! :) :)
  • nick motown  
    first i'd like to thank you for posting so many lovely songs! it's been a great inspiration to start my own blog!
    the bust media player sadly doesn't work on my computer. probably my harddisk is just too full.
    and then i wanted to say that i may link to your "summer wine" post from july - if you don't mind. i'm plannng to do a little nancy & lee feature within the next few days. and that song would fit in perfectly!
    • Christine  
      Thanks, nick! I love your new blog - I just left a msg under your post asking about Icelandic 60s music.
      Sure, go ahead and link to my Summer Wine post. :)
      Yeah I jumped the gun a bit... I'm having some problems with the Bust player myself. Anyone else? I'm going to send them an email, and it would help if I could let them know if more than a couple of us were having problems.
  • modcentric  
    hi christine! =) keep up the fab work on your blog! you always post such cool stuff.. like the les gams vid which i just downloaded. i think its great that your blog is still going strong! so keep it up, and don't let the lack of comments get to you.
  • Jonny  
    Sunday, 4 February 2007 2:49 am
    Well, alright then! I can't exactly remember how I stumbled across Spiked Candy, but I'm glad I did - perhaps only a scant two months ago. Being a bit of and old indie-kid, I've always nurtured a fey affection for the top pop picks of previous decades, and I'm really happy to have found such a heart-warming selection of sweet little ditties, melancholy nymphs and of course, dancing nuns. My favourite so far has been the Kovacs Kati track - I put it on loud in the office and we all get down to it.
    Jonny x
  • IanB  
    Great to see Spiked-Candy is as good as it ever was !!! I've re-introduced RetroBabe! Just thught I'd say Hi!!!
  • Jen  
    Hello! *waves* If it wasn't for your blog, I wouldn't have known about France Gall and a lot of other French music. I don't remember how it exactly happened (I think it's because of April March) but I've been watching your blog for 2 years now. Thank you so much for the work you put in here. Keep it up!
  • Swanny  
    Thanks for your mail today Christine. I hope to write to you again soon but in the meantime, please note that a link to your blog and also to that of Sofie at Dansmoncafe has been added to my site. (for some reason I cannot post the link?? - that's senility for ya)
    three w's dot freewebs dot com slash foreverfrancegall
    Chat soon:) Maybe you can change it for me??
  • Christine  
    Thank you all.
    IanB- great to see you back, I'll update the link to Retrobabe :).
    Swanny - thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to seeing how the site comes along.
    Mod - I appreciate it. You know how great I think your blog is, so your comment means a lot.
    Jonny - thanks so much for your thoughtful comment. Kati Kovacs is my fave too, of my recent posts. I love getting a glimpse from readers into where they might be listening to the songs I share. It makes the reality of how far-reaching a blog can be more 'real' - rather than it just being me and my computer screen!
    Jen - many thanks! V. exciting to know you heard of France Gall through here, and that you're such a long-time reader. :)
  • mod*mom  
    where are you?
  • Swanny  
    Yeah, hope you are OK Christine, been a while since you posted. Was going to send e-mail but I'll wait to see if all is well with you. Swanny.
  • rob  
    Hello, what a lovely blog, the best perhaps. I so enjoy it.
  • Christine  
    Sorry everyone, I'm just really sick and resting all the time. I've attempted a couple of posts but it's too exhausting. Hopefully this slump will pass soon.
    • mod*mom  
      that sucks you're not well. get well soon. i was sick + didn't post much in january, but now i'm posting a lot, i'll be lurking get well soon
  • Alice  
    I sure love what you do and since I'll be visiting Paris in April, I'm using your selections to bone up on my francais!

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