Cristina - Doll In The Box cover

If you've never heard the incomparable new wave goddess Cristina, or at least her brilliant version of 'Is That All There Is?', I recommend you fix that immediately! The original vinyl from 1980 sells for a shitload these days, as it was quickly withdrawn from sale due to the songwriters being rather unimpressed with Cristina's slight twist to the lyrics. Have a listen and you'll hear why.

Cristina - Is That All There Is?

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  • niandi  
    A forgotten goddess alright....thanx for the post, I'll have to dig out my vinyl again. Great blog, keep up the good work. found you via your post @ Modified. You're going to join Blowup Doll and Bedazzled as my new fav !
    • Christine  
      Ooh, you have the vinyl, you lucky thing. I read (here: ) Cristina is planning a comeback... can't wait!

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