Les Parisiennes

Les Parisiennes

Les Parisiennes - Je te déteste (1965)

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  • Bruno  
    Hi Christine,love that hate song."C'est bon" by Adèle is up right now,come and get it!:)
  • IanB  
    Just back tracking a few posts, do you happen to have 'Secret Love' by Kathy Kirby ??
  • Roar  
    Don't know whether anybody's made a tip about this already, but seeing as France Gall (rightfully) is a big star here and that her version of "Zoizoi" is a wonderful recording, I just wanted to say this and a few other obscure but great recordings are available on the newly-released "Dou da dou" compilation at Vadimmusic.com, which gets the nod when compared to the "Dingo" compilation from a few years back (also with "Zoizoi" on it). They also carry other good French albums. Gall's "Zoizoi"'s probably appeared on a number of compilations, but I wouldn't know of it. Anyway, it's just a general tip to the good folks here.

    Apropos the funky eroticism of Zoizoi, anyone interested might also want to check out Janko Nilovic's "Vocal impressions" at Vadim. Now I'm a decent person (I think), but when I hear this I break into a sweat and need more ice cubes than alcohol in my drink. "Un couple" is equally georgeous, but hard to find. Nuff said, I want to go chase women now... Roar:)
  • mordi  
    great song- i'd be really interested to hear some more.
  • Scott Salsman  
    Hi, Christine, I'm finally listening to several of The Arrogants' songs. I think you'd really like Bon Voyage, who have a very similar sound but are a bit more imaginative, in my opinion. The music is written by the man behind Starflyer 59, and his wife is the singer. Ignore me if you are already familiar with them.
  • Christine  
    IanB - not at the moment, but I will try to find it for you!
    Roar - thanks for that info! Their website gives me about 50 new reasons to go broke. That compilation looks fantastic.
    Mordi - more to come!!
    Scott - no, I haven't heard of them, thanks for the tip! I'll definitely have to check them out!

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