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France Gall - Zozoï (Italian) (1970)

Super-extra rare Italian version of 'Zozoï'. Thanks to Gerion for this one! Click the pics above for a pictorial of France making pizza in an enviable fuzzy pink dress, from Italian magazine Anna Bella, April 1969.

France Gall - Los años locos

France Gall - Los años locos (1970)

France in Spanish! Just so you can end your year knowing you've heard her sing in every language she recorded in. Once again, thanks to Gerion!

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  • ERRguitar  
    Thank you so much for sharing these France Gall tunes. I have been visiting Spiked Candy for the last few months and it continues to fuel my relatively new obssession with Ye-Ye and related pop sounds. Your blog and related ones like Filles Sourires, Schlocker, Drugburn, Blow Up Doll, and others inspired me to start up one of my own. Thanks again and a very Happy New Year to you!
    • Christine  
      cool - we are taking over! great blog, i've added you to my links. thanks for letting me know about it. happy new year to you too! :)
  • Davecat  
    Once again, this proves that Mme.Gall rocks. And you rock for posting her. :-) Especially for those pics of her making a pizza! I think France Gall is one of the few people that could pull off making something like that in a dress like hers!..
  • Танюха  
    !!!!!!!Thanks,thanks,thanks for one more France Gall!!!!!!! Your site is great source of inspirations for me :-) :-) :-) :-)
  • roar  
    Thanks for the France Gall recordings. And happy New Year :)
  • Christine
    holy shit!

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