I've sung the praises a couple of times now of the loveliness that is French band Watoo Watoo. For the next few days, you can pick up both their albums, Le Fumalin and Curiosités, for the bargain price of $10 (for both) including postage (+50c if using Paypal). Details here.

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  • Roar  
    Yes and please download their first record if it's still available as download. The guy (I believe) from Watoo Watoo also runs a very nice website that lists Gainsbourg inedits (a good place to spend time at to work up one's frustrations). It's sad to see they're not getting the attention they deserve. Together with Gypsophile and River they were the first "twee" artists from France I fell in love with. Mumbly and Caramel (later Doggy, I believe) were also good.
    Warm thanks to you Spiked Candy for mentioning Watoo Watoo and this part of the French scene. It's much deserved and nowadays overlooked.
  • mk  
    thanks a lot for the ad :) & roar, thanks also for your nice comments about watoo watoo & mumbly!

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