Amanda Lear Gina X
Amanda Lear - Pretty Boys

From the 1977 Album I Am A Photograph.


Amanda Lear first surfaced in the early '70s as a fetishistically clothed album-cover model for Roxy Music. She was said to be a transsexual but, as she told Interview magazine, that was just a ruse dreamed up by her sponsor, David Bowie, to draw attention. Her importance to disco fans, however, began in 1977, when she recorded I Am a Photograph in Germany with production help from Tony Monn. I Am a Photograph is the first of six sleazy, hard-to-find albums in which she flaunts a voice so heavy with low notes it makes one wonder if she really isn't a man after all. But Lear's slow notes are simply an exaggeration of the whiskey-voiced sultriness created by Marlene Dietrich. That isn't to say, however, that Lear's lyrics -- or the music's inverted proportions -- don't exploit her mythology as a kinky concoction to the bursting point.
Gina X - Harley Davidson

Cover of the Bardot classic, from the 1984 Album Yinglish.


One of the earliest proponents of chic, detached electro-pop, Gina X Performance (born Gina Kikoine) released a number of records throughout the late '70s and early '80s. A few of her songs, especially "No GDM" (a tribute to writer/actor Quentin Crisp) and "Nice Mover," have remained popular at dance clubs and within DJ circles; as proof of her lengthy shelf life, the latter was featured on Andrew Weatherall's Nine O'Clock Drop, a compilation of alternative dance tracks from the first half of the '80s, in 2000. Her android-like voice recalled obscure disco singer Amanda Lear and -- most significantly -- fellow German Marlene Dietrich.

More on Gina X in this excellent bio.

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  • mordi  
    i've often read about Amanda Lear - this track is very similar to the early Grace Jones disco era (Portfolio). and she looks AMAZING!
    • Christine  
      More typical pics of her are more glitzy, but I couldn't go past the yellow socks! The CD I linked to BTW is best value, 2 albums on there for cheap + topless pinup inside haha.

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