Sally Shapiro
Photo by Frida Klingberg via Sally's official site.
Sally Shapiro - Anorak Christmas (2006)

A guest post from Tag:


Sometimes I feel like someone's made a record with me in mind. Not in an angst-bitten way, analysing lyrics and convincing myself "it really speaks to me". I mean something that matches my own personal brand of perfection. A song I'd want to marry. Gothenburg's Sally Shapiro has made such a record. A record produced in the blissed-out Italian disco tradition, with a melody to match Abba's most bittersweet moments, delivered by a singer so possessed of wide-eyed lovesickness, she makes Annie sound like a veritable vixen. It's called "Anorak Christmas" which should make me wince with cloying indie associations - but it's just right. It could sound contrived, coquettish, but it simply sounds like a girl who's fallen rapturously in love at some midwinter discotheque, emerged into the snow and went straight home to put her feelings down, hesitantly but honestly.


My note: Sally so beautifully makes it her own, it's surprising to find out the song's actually a cover. Here's the original by twee synthpop artist and fellow Swede Nixon:

Nixon - Anorak Christmas (2000)

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  • Tag  
    I'm trying to pretend that it isn't a cover. I like the idea that she needed to sing it.
  • mordi  
    OH MY GOD! i totally LOVE sally shapiro- all her stuff is amazing. vintage 80's but also completely now!
    great choice, have a great christmas,
    much love,
    mordi x
  • PHD  
    Yes. Unique, amazing, unbelievable. God bless this song.

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