Keith Seatman - All Hold Hands And Off We Go cover

Keith Seatman makes striking hauntological soundscapes up there with the best material from Ghost Box Records. It's the sort of layered, intricate work that rewards more and more on each listen, yet there is also a certain immediate appeal, especially for fans of things like vintage horror soundtracks and early electronica. In fact, the only time I've found myself using the 'Buy the artist's entire discography' option on Bandcamp was shortly after first sampling Seatman's work.

Seatman's latest, All Hold Hands And Off We Go, released in April this year, takes the listener on a surreal excursion that is both comforting and disconcerting. I love the push-and-pull feeling of something being eerie and ominous, but inviting you for a closer look, and this album captures that beautifully. This is exemplified in the title track, where its fast rhythm and bouncy riffs compete with more sinister elements. It's easy to imagine this slotted into a giallo soundtrack by the likes of Goblin.

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