An intriguing, Egyptian-themed slice of French psych-pop from, presumably, the late 60s by the mysterious Milord. The title question asks, "Besides the Sphinx, what is there?" I have no idea what he is on about, but it sounds like an expression of wonder or philosophical rumination. French speakers, feel free to enlighten me. 

I can't find any lead on who Milord was. The songwriting credit for every song is Milord Godefroy de Zaer, which sounds distinctly made up. The record was released on Disques R, whose only output appears to be this EP (it's the only release listed on both Discogs and Encyclopédisque). 

Record sleeve (click to enlarge):

Milord front coverMilord back cover

If you like this song, you may be interested in a mix I made a few years ago called Polychromé, which features this track and other French psych-ish stuff from the 60s and 70s. There's also a part two, Névrose.

This is the first time I'm trying the html5 music player as the default player, with flash as fallback. Please let me know if there are any issues with it. I'd like to get rid of the flash player at some point, so let me know if you need me to keep it.

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  • mk  
    The lyrics are silly (of course)

    it says that in paris there's the Eiffel tower, in New York skycrapers, in Brussels the manneken Pis, etc.

    & what is there in Egypt, except for the Sphynx?

    There is this tune (Il y a cet air là in French),
    (comment: the low voice says "it's me". & at the end, the singer answers "Tuttankhamoun"
    • Christine  
      Appreciate it, mk. I guess it's not quite as profound as I was imagining, but what did I expect from someone who called himself Milord?

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