Gönül Yazar
Gönül Yazar - Çapkın Kız (1968)

Thanks to Berat for tipping me off about this fantastic Turkish cover of Marie Laforêt's 'Mon amour, mon ami'. Turkish to English online translators are useless, so I'm afraid I can't find out anything about Ms Yazar. But judging by her musical longevity and her extensive 60s filmography, she was well-loved as both a singer and an actress.

Gönül Yazar - 7" sleeve
Sleeve via Zip Istanbul

If I have this right (feel free to correct me!), the lyrics to this version are a warning to a flirtatious woman to stay away from her man. In the original, the slightly sinister melody tempers the sweetness of the sentiment ('my love, my friend, when I dream, I dream of you') with a dash of potentially worrying obsessiveness. Here, Gönül's coolly-delivered threat to the other woman works well with the music's ominous quality.

*Update* - OK, so this is why I probably shouldn't have trusted my interpretation of a couple of words in the chorus translated via an online Turkish dictionary and then have run with that. Berat has corrected me that the flirtatious woman in the song is the singer herself. So my comments above don't exactly apply, but my point about the tune suiting the theme still stands, as the sense of both detachment and warning I imagined are still present lyrically. But I'll substitute "cooly-delivered threat to the other woman" for "cooly-delivered assertion that love is not for a woman like her". Here's the translation as Berat provided it to me:

My name Flirty Girl, Flirty Girl
My name is Flirty Girl
Love is a lie, I don't beleive
My name is Flirty Girl

I love much, I forget quickly
I find a new lover everyday
I like to dance, I like to have fun
I don't believe in love
I don't get attached


Maybe one day I'll also fall in love
I will call him my love, my dear
I 'll open my heart only to him
But I don't beleive in love
I don't get attached


Marie Laforêt
Marie Laforêt - Mon amour, mon ami (Version inédite)

An unreleased version, slightly different to the original released in 1965, this didn't surface until the release of volume 5 of her 7(!)-volume set of complete recordings with Festival records. 'Mon amour, mon ami' is one of several irresistible songs André Popp created for her. In the 50s and early 60s, Popp composed space-age instrumentals as well as arrangements for artists like Juliette Gréco. Adapting to the changing musical environment of 60s France, he became a prolific pop songwriter. Marie was his most oft-composed-for pop performer of the era.

Youtube: Watch Virginie Ledoyen perform 'Mon amour, mon ami' in 8 Femmes

Gönül Yazar - En İyileriyle cover Marie Laforêt - L'Intégrale Vol. 5 cover

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  • Roar  
    Isn't this just lovely?! Happy new year :)
  • Alice Bag  
    Cute song! Thanks for all the great stuff and Happy New Year! Alice
  • Berat  
    My translation may sound "chicken" because I tried to keep the feeling of Turkish lyrics which are deliberately naive and childish. Jingle bells, jingle bells :)
    • Christine  
      Hey Berat - yes, I decided to keep the lyrics exactly as you gave them to me rather than make them seem a little more correct in English, because I presumed you were trying to convey it the way it comes across in Turkish.

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