I've updated all my old posts with streaming music and videos, so anyone newly coming across them can still discover the music therein. For anything already on streaming services, I've embedded Bandcamp or Soundcloud players where available, otherwise I've used Spotify. The Spotify 'player' (which is really just a link to open Spotify) is not ideal as I prefer the music to be playable within the post, but at the time I was doing these, I was a bit stuck on what else to do with readily streamable music. I wasn't going to host those myself, nor did I want to use Youtube embeds, too many of which can cripple the page and whose content can often disappear. For new posts, I won't be using the Spotify embeds as I have some new options like a Youtube audio player. 

If you don't use Spotify, there's also a link next to these songs (the icon) to search various streaming services. Additionally, anything available to buy has icon links to search a number of digital stores () and/or CD and record stores ().

Other songs are embedded with a flash player (Dewplayer), with an HTML5 player as the fallback (the opposite way it is usually done, but I had to go with this at the time for reasons I won't bore you with). If you prefer the HTML5 player, you'll have to disable Flash in your browser to see it. For new posts,  the HTML5 player will be the default.

I've also updated many links in the posts to archived versions, as there was often invaluable info in these now deleted pages.

Lost Posts

When moving the old blog posts to their new home, I found several entries that never made it to the blog. They now can be found under the lost posts tag. The posts are:

  • Past Poupées - this is a collection of posts that originally appeared in an ongoing sidebar feature where I shared covers of 'Poupée de cire, poupée de son'.
  • Au Revoir, Poupée - A post sharing the rest of the covers I hadn't posted in the sidebar feature.
  • Fool On The Hill - Six versions of the song 'Uno tranquillo'.
  • Mimi and Mädchen - A plug for two now defunct blogs, one by Mimi La Twisteuse and the other by Jens Keller, who now runs the Beat Fräuleins Facebook page. Some thoughts on German 60s pop, with two songs from the era.
  • The Case Of The Two Zoes - A post about Greek actress Zoe Laskari, with a musical performance from the 1967 film Oi thalassies oi hadres.

Now on with the music!

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