The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping (1981)

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  • LondonLee  
    Man, that's spooky. I just opened this page at the very moment that I'm playing this track on my computer.
    • Christine  
      That happened to me the other day too when I was reading Schlocker, and right as I read the song title, my radio started playing it.
  • gee  
    whoa I love her voice. That's nice when the waitresses go minimal on that damn saxophone.
  • Roar  
    It's a fabulous France Gall picture. I'll sit down next to you to marvel at it for a while - if I may :)
  • Brendon  
    Waitresses. Lovely. Here's a very short film to that tune - a kind of video Xmas card. And not at all sappy.

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