Mordi, of the inimitable BlowUpDoll, has created a blog specially devoted to all things Claudine Longet called Love Claudine. It's a feast of lovely pics and rare songs for both Claudine fans and those wanting to find out more about the 60s French chanteuse and one-time wife of Andy Williams.

Margo Guryan, who wrote two songs performed by Claudine, once described her singing as "rhythmically challenged", but also compared her to such wispy-voiced luminaries as Astrud Gilberto and Jane Birkin. So you get some idea of the kind of offbeat appeal Claudine embodies.

Claudine Longet

The latest Love Claudine post is the track 'Mucho tiempo más'. Bel Divioleta, one of the lovely voices of Spanish indie girl pop band Las Escarlatinas, included a version of the song on her recent release Espejos (late 2005 in Spain, but this year elsewhere, I believe). Enjoy:

Bel Divioleta - Espejos cover
Bel Divioleta - Mucho tiempo más (2005)

Buy: Espejos from Darla Records
Links: Bel Divioleta, Las Escarlatinas, Siesta Records, Cuddle Up With Claudine

*Update: Alan has a cover of the English version ('Long Long Time') by another Siesta artist, Miss Bosforo, up at La Cancion de Prevert.

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  • Alan  
    Beautiful, and a surprise to find this in Spanish. Some time ago I posted Long Long Time, credited to Miss Bosforo, from another Siesta release, the compilation Sol y Sombra. I like a lot this song, here's the link:
    • Christine  
      thanks Alan! that version is beautiful but extremely heartbreaking.
      • Alan  
        Yes, heartbreaking and sweet (in the right sense), serene... well, just words :) me encanta esta canción.
      • Alan  
        I forgot... and it's fine the contrast between the Spanish and the English lyrics, as you pointed, Spikedcandy.

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