France Gall - Die schönste musik, die es gibt coverLeonard Nimoy Presents Mr Spock's Music From Outer Space cover
  1. France Gall - Die schönste musik, die es gibt (1967)
  2. Leonard Nimoy - Music To Watch Space Girls By (instrumental) (1967)

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  • modcentric  
    that's an ace cover by france gall! did she sing it in french too?
  • Bruno  
    Hi Christine,that's a very interesting series you're running here! Love it! :)
  • Christine  
    Thanks, Bruno :). Mod - I don't believe she did, unless it's escaped my notice (which I highly doubt).
    Hmm, not many comments on this, must mean no one really likes France Gall. Duly noted; I'll put away my collection and enjoy it all by my lonesome... mm, so good, so rare...
  • Rosa Klebb  
    I like the France Gall version, is this album all in German?
    • Christine  
      Yep, there's a 'best of' (her German songs) on CD. If you search this blog or click the 'France Gall' category, there should be a couple of entries with buying links to it
  • mordi  
    marvellous! if you are thinking of doing another 'same song by different artists'- may i suggest BANG BANG? covered by Shelia, Nancy, Cher, Mareva, just to name a few....
  • mostly  
    I've always really liked this song, and these two are tops. Thanks! (And please don't put away the France collection.)
    • Christine  
      don't worry mostly, just using childish blackmail techniques ;).
  • Kate  
    I ADORE this France song. Thank you so much for posting it! Hurrah!
  • Gerry  
    Hi Christine ! Just a suggestion for your next post... try one of the recent France Gall songs that I've sent you couple of weeks ago. I doubt that the people on this blog here might know... but they should, since these songs are OUTSTANDING ! Hugs: Gerry
  • Sofie  
    Hey Christine, I opened the forum, and made a help-post about the layout problem. Anyway go post-nuts!!! :)
  • diegucho  
  • Sofie  
    Update update ;) Need my monthly dosis spiked candy!
  • Mingmeow  
    Awesome post, I love her german stuff, does the 'best of' her German songs have ccomputer nr 3?? my recording of it is gone and i'm desperately trying to find another!

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