More 60s Girls in International Xmas! (Duration: 1 hour 53 minutes)

My Christmas mix this year is a sequel to my 2017 mix, '60s Girls In International Xmas!'. It's another crop of all-1960s, all-female, Christmas and seasonal pop from around the world.

I didn't think I'd have enough quality tunes to fill another mix like this, but luckily I was wrong! I'm happy to have found there really were quite a number of highly enjoyable Christmas tracks cut by many fabulous female artists in the sixties. And what struck me as I was making this mix is that even within such a specific theme, the sounds here span quite a few genres and styles.

I haven't had time to do an annotated tracklist like last time, but there's some crossover with the previous mix, so have a look at that post for some background on some of the more obscure artists here.

The mix illustration of Sheila is once again by the incredibly talented Olivier Coulon, who kindly granted permission to use his art. Make sure you take a look at his work, and support it if you can. More acknowledgments after the tracklist below.

I hope that you enjoy this mix and that if possible, given the difficult year we've all faced, your Christmas is something resembling merry. Perhaps these tunes can at least bring a litte joy ;).


  1. Emy Jackson - I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus (1966)Japanese flag
  2. Mae West - With Love From Me to You (1966)USA flag
  3. Claudine Longet - I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You (1967)USA flagFrench flag
  4. Toni Stante - Donde esta Santa Claus? (1965)USA flag
  5. Miki Obata - Akahana no tonakai (1967)Japanese flag
  6. Grace Hong - Jingle Bell (1968)Singaporean flag
  7. Brenda Lee - A Marshmallow World (1964)USA flag
  8. Olivia Newton-John - Christmas Time Down Under (1965)Australian flag
  9. Nina & Frederik - Schlafe, Mein Prinzchen (1966)Danish flagDutch flag
  10. Anne Sylvestre - Noël nouvelet (1965)French flag
  11. Catherine Sauvage - Le Noël des ramasseurs de neige (1964)French flag
  12. Maria Dolores Pradera - Una pandereta suena (1966)Spanish flag
  13. Danièle et Michèle - Le Bonhomme de neige (1965)Canadian flag
  14. Los T.N.T. - Navidades blancas (1965)Spanish flag
  15. Michèle Richard - Danser autour du sapin vert (1993)Canadian flag
  16. Ella Fitzgerald - Good Morning Blues (1960)USA flag
  17. Eydie Gormé and the Trio Los Panchos - Navidad y Año Nuevo (1966)USA flagMexican flag
  18. Los Tres Sudamericanos - Santa claus viene a la ciudad (1967)Paraguayan flag
  19. Christie Laume - L'adorable femme des neiges (1967)French flag
  20. Ernie Djohan - Blue Christmas (1968)Indonesian flag
  21. Naomi And The Boys - An Old Christmas Card (1966)Singaporean flag
  22. Myriam Frances (Sister Irene O'Connor) - The Gift Sublime (1966)Australian flag
  23. Claire Aumont - La valse de Noël (1963)Canadian flag
  24. Katja Ebstein - Wovon träumt ein Weihnachtsbaum im Mai (1969)German flag
  25. Barbara - Joyeux Noël (1968)French flag
  26. France Gall - L'hiver est mort (2019)French flag
  27. Sheila - Long sera l'hiver (1968)French flag
  28. Joan Baez - Down in Yon Forrest (1966)USA flag
  29. Romina Power - Tu scendi dalle stelle (1969)Italian flag
  30. Loretta Lynn - Gift Of The Blues (1966)USA flag
  31. Nancy Sinatra - It's Such a Lonely Time of Year (1968)USA flag
  32. Peggy Lee - The Christmas Waltz (1960)USA flag
  33. The Supremes - Twinkle Twinkle Little Me (1965)USA flag
  34. The Ronettes - Sleigh Ride (1963)USA flag
  35. Judy and The Duets - Christmas With The Beatles (1964)USA flag
  36. Sandra Sanger & The Steps - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (1968)Singaporean flag
  37. Monna Bell - Ya llegó navidad (1966)Chilean flagSpanish flag
  38. Kim Weston - Wish You A Merry Christmas (1962)USA flag
  39. Kong Ling - The Chipmunk Song (1965)Hong Kong flag
  40. The Thunderbirds And Heather - That's Why I Love Each Christmas (1967)Singaporean flag
  41. The Free Design - Close Your Mouth (It's Christmas) (1968)USA flag
  42. Les Milady's - Les anges dans nos campagnes (1967)Canadian flag
  43. Darlene Love - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) (1963)USA flag
  44. Isabelle Aubret - Savez-vous ce qu'il faut au sapin de Noël? (1969)French flag
  45. The Johnny Mann Singers - Snow (1968)USA flag
  46. The Lennon Sisters - Lullaby For Christmas Eve (1968)USA flag


  • A few songs here come from a volume of Jeffrey Glenn's Lost Jukebox compilations entitled Mistletoe Love.
  • Several tracks were sourced from wonderful trove of vinyl rips on the blog Madrotter Treasure Hunt.
  • The Sandra Sanger track was found here.
  • The Myriam Frances track was grabbed from here.
  • The Olivia Newton-John was extracted from this clip from the 1965 film Funny Things Happen Down Under.

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