A mix for Halloween featuring music from 70s European horror soundtracks, eerie vintage folk-pop, contemporary pop noir and more. Last year, I made a devil-themed mix drawing from a similar range of artists, but where that one was skin-crawlingly creepy, this is more softly unnerving, with undercurrents of romance and sensuality. It makes me vaguely picture an imaginary classic horror film where a beautiful heroine is lured into a haunted forest by an irresistible but diabolical lover. Amid the prettily haunting sounds, there are still some genuinely terrifying moments – Goblin's bloodcurdling 'Sighs', from Suspiria, for example – should this ominous realm start to feel too cosy. 

The mix image is Elsa Martinelli in Roger Vadim's 1960 vampire flick, Et mourir de plaisir (aka Blood and Roses).

Tracklist (Hide details)

  1. François De Roubaix - Les Lèvres Rouges (1971)
    From the Les Lèvres Rouges (Daughters of Darkness) soundtrack.
  2. Beautify Junkyards - Longo Amanhã (2015)
  3. Ennio Morricone - Astratto IV (1971)
    From the Veruschka - poesia di una donna soundtrack.
  4. Marianne Faithfull - Oh Look Around You (1965)
    From her self-titled debut album.
  5. Daniela Casa - Ignoto (1975)
    From Società Malata, reissued on Penny Records in 2013, and again on Dagored this year.
  6. Death and Vanilla - Shadow and Shape (2015)
  7. Comus - Bitten (1971)
    From First Utterance.
  8. The Paradise Motel - Bad Light (1996)
    From Still Life.
  9. Broadcast - The Sacred Marriage (2013)
    From the soundtrack to Peter Strickland's Berberian Sound Studio.
  10. Jenny Hval - In the Red (2016)
  11. Cat's Eyes - Pavane (2015)
    From the soundtrack to another Strickland film, The Duke of Burgundy.
  12. Françoise Hardy - The Rose (1966)
    From Hardy's first English language album, In English.
  13. Piero Umiliani - Nocturne (1973)
    From To-Day's Sound, reissued on Easy Tempo in 1997.
  14. Ennio Morricone - Metamorfosi (1971)
    From the La classe operaia va in paradiso.
  15. Laurence Vanay - Soleil Rouge (1974)
    From Galaxies, reissued on Lion Productions in 2013, and as a double LP this year.
  16. Espers - Flowery Noontide (2005)
    From Espers.
  17. Cat's Eyes - Black Madonna (2015)
  18. Les Maledictus Sound - Heathcliff Y Cry Your Name (1968)
    From Attention (or arguably Les Maledictus Sound - I'm uncertain of the correct title), the only release by this band helmed by Jean-Pierre Massiera.
  19. Keith Seatman - A Slight of Hand (2013)
  20. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - The False Husband (2006)
    From Ballad Of The Broken Seas.
  21. Jane Weaver - Parade of Blood Red Sorrows (2013)
    From the 2015 compilation The Amber Light. Originally released on the Initiaani Kesä soundtrack. 
  22. Belbury Poly - Pan's Garden (2006)
  23. Spirogyra - Old Boot Wine (1973)
    From the 2004 compilation Gather In The Mushrooms – The British Acid Folk Underground 1968-1974. Originally from the album Bells, Boots and Shambles.
  24. Phillip Lambro / Orriel Smith - Hannah Emerges In the Night (1973)
    Originally from the Crypt of the Living Dead soundtrack, this was included as a bonus track on the 2011 digital issue of Smith's 1968 single, 'Tiffany Glass' (which was also written by Lambro).
  25. Still Corners - Demons (2011)
  26. Acanthus - Sleeping Beauty (Samba Des Vampires) (1971)
    From the soundtrack to Jean Rollin's Le Frisson des vampires, released by Finders Keepers Records in 2010.
  27. Emil Richards - Opal (October) (1966)
    From New Sound Element "Stones", reissued by The Omni Recording Corporation in 2012.
  28. Lake Ruth - One Night As I Lay On My Bed (2016)
  29. Colleen - Le Labyrinthe (2007)
  30. Angelo Badalamenti - Laura's Dark Boogie (1990)
    From Twin Peaks: Season Two Music and More (2007).
  31. Maxine Sullivan - Dark Eyes (1938)
    From the 1997 compilation The Chronological Classics: Maxine Sullivan 1937-1938.
  32. Jean Prodromidès - Carmilla et Léopoldo (1960)
    From the Et mourir de plaisir (Blood and Roses) soundtrack.
  33. Harmonic 33 - Long Shadow (2005)
    From Music For Film, Television & Radio, Volume 1.
  34. Goblin - Sighs (1977)
    From the soundtrack to Dario Argento's Suspiria, reissued on Bella Casa's The Awakening box set in 2012.
  35. Harper / Russe / St. George  - Nightwalker (1972)
    From Electrosonic, a library music record Don Harper, Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson (the latter two under pseudonyms) made for KPM, reissued by Glo-Spot in 2006.
  36. Clara Rockmore - Rachmaninoff: Vocalise (1977)
    From The Art of the Theremin.
  37. Ela Orleans - Nocturne (2012)
    From Tumult In Clouds.
  38. Elysian Fields - Black Acres (2000) – Free download available from Epitonic.
  39. Luboš Fišer - Blood Red Rose (1972)
    From the Morgiana soundtrack, released by Finders Keepers Records in 2013.
  40. Mono In VCF - We Could've Owned The World (2008)

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    Thanks! Youre one of my guides since many years!

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