Heart-stopping glances. Stolen moments. Giddy highs and melancholic lows. Tender feelings, guilty pleasures. A love affair you can't resist, right or wrong.

The collection of songs on this mix, 'Autumn Rendez-vous', evoke all the beauty, drama and heartache of all-consuming – sometimes forbidden – love. It feels cosy and romantic, but can suddenly leave you devastated.

Mixcloud | View image | Duration: 2 hours 5 minutes

Bien sur, such a mix had to include a good dose of French and French-inspired pop. Who better to set the tone here than Françoise Hardy, the master of wistful longing and comforting sadness? The mix features, and is named for, the English version of her 1966 song, 'Rendez-vous d'automne'. Françoise also pops up duetting with Blur on the alternate version of 'To The End', and her presence is felt elsewhere, like the track from The Yearning's gorgeous 2016 album Evening Souvenirs, which was heavily influenced by Ms Hardy's oeuvre. There are also a few translations of gallic songs here: Jimmie Rodgers 'The Lovers' is a cover of Jacques Brel's 'Les Amants de cœur', Greek sixties girl Tammy interprets Pascal Danel's 'Les Trois Dernières Minutes', and Ethel Azama, under the auspices of Martin Denny, does a show-stopping rendition of Jacques Prevert and Joseph Kosma's 'Les Feuilles Mortes'.

The beautiful cover photo of Françoise is by Jean-Marie Périer.


  1. Victoria - Feuilles d'automne (2017)French flag
  2. Françoise Hardy - Autumn rendez-vous (1966)French flag
  3. Margo Guryan - Come To Me Slowly (1968)USA flag
  4. Lee Hazlewood - September Song (1969)USA flag
  5. Kadhja Bonet - Nobody Other (2016)USA flag
  6. Piero Umiliani - My Only Man (vocals: Helen Merrill) (1962)Italian flagUSA flag
  7. Tammy and The Sounds - Αν φύγεις κι εσύ (An phygeis ki esy) (1967)Greek flag
  8. Colin Blunstone - Though You Are Far Away (1971)UK flag
  9. The Yearning - The Moment Your Heart Would Say Goodbye (2016)UK flag
  10. Doris - Flowers In the Morning (1970)Swedish flag
  11. The Last Shadow Puppets - Meeting Place (2008)UK flag
  12. Blur - To the End (with Françoise Hardy) (1995)UK flagFrench flag
  13. Anna Karina & Jean-Claude Brialy - Ne dis rien (1967)French flag
  14. The Postmarks - Gone (2009)USA flag
  15. Daprinski - Le début du bonheur (2017)French flag
  16. Dana Gillespie - Souvenirs of Stefan (1968)UK flag
  17. Marie Laforêt - Au cœur de l'automne (1963)French flag
  18. Mina - È se domani (1967)Italian flag
  19. A Girl Called Eddy - Somebody Hurt You (2004)UK flag
  20. Colleen Lanza - When We're Talked About Tomorrow (1968)USA flag
  21. Pier Angeli - Amore baciami (1959)Italian flagUSA flag
  22. Ethel Azama - Autumn Leaves (1959)Italian flag
  23. The Zombies - Smokey Day (1968)UK flag
  24. Chantal Goya - Une écharpe, une rose (1965)French flag
  25. Jimmie Rodgers - The Lovers (1967)USA flag
  26. The Gentle Waves - Falling From Grace (2000)Scottish flag
  27. Billie Davis - Angel of the Morning (1967)UK flag
  28. Harumi - Don't Know What I'm Gonna Do (1968)Japanese flagUSA flag
  29. Kathe Green - Once There Was You (1969)USA flag
  30. Susan Christie - Rainy Day (1969)USA flag
  31. Louis Philippe - Deauville (1996)French flag
  32. Wanda Robinson - The Meeting Place (1971)USA flag
  33. Theoretical Girl - Good Timing (2009)UK flag
  34. Rachel Zeffira - Front Door (2013)Canadian flagUK flag
  35. Claude Lombard - Les Vieux Comptoirs (1969)French flag
  36. Ranny Sinclair with Dave Brubeck - Autumn in Our Town (1964)USA flag
  37. Johnny Williams - Chance Meeting (1967)USA flag
  38. Evie Sands - Until It's Time For You To Go (1970)USA flag

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