I think I've hit on a plan to let me keep blogging without exhausting myself and then subsequently losing interest. I'm going to keep things as simple as possible with just pictures and the song and probably not  buying links, although I feel a bit guilty leaving those out. But you should be able to find any albums from the vendors in my sidebar. If you've searched high and low and can't find where to buy something, you can always ask and I'll help you out.

Please use the comments section to ask me any questions. I've taken down my email address, but if you still have it, please don't use it to ask me questions you can easily find answers for on a search engine. I'm also unable to send out anything individually, even for a trade. Nor am I taking requests or band submissions. Unless you're a band in my myspace friends and you want to send me free stuff? Eh? Eh? Can't blame a girl for trying.

Pink candy heartI'm excited to be adding Radioblog*, which I discovered on the gorgeous blog Pop 'N Cherries. I've been trying to find a free way to do something like this for ages, but had no luck so it's a happy discovery indeed. This is my exception to my no requests policy; you can ask me to post an mp3 if you like anything on there. And I'm hoping that will make the blog a little more interactive and I'll get some more feedback on what people like. Remember, feedback keeps your widdle bloggers happy and makes them want to go on! Even just a 'thanks' or 'you rule the school' or even 'you suck!' (no just kidding, please don't) is great to hear.

I did think of starting up a forum where readers of this blog and the others that post French 60s stuff regularly could talk about what they love and any new discoveries, or trade stuff, but again I'd be biting off a bit more than I can chew. But for anyone who'd be interested in such an idea, please join the last.fm groups I have, French 60s and Ye-Ye Girls and maybe you could liven those up a bit. Even if you don't use the other last.fm features, the forums have the potential to be a great meeting place for fans.

Stereo graphicAnd don't forget Spiked-Candy Last.fm Radio is still chugging away, churning out lots of aural treats and free to listen to. If the player has let you down before, try the beta for the upcoming release. As long as you have a decent connection, it should work a charm. And I know the 2 separate downloads for the Audioscrobbler plug-in and the Last.fm player are confusing to some; this download has them both in one and guides you through everything you need to do.

Merci, and I'll be back with some tunes very soon :).

Pop-up player | 8tracks tips | Alternate link

Comments (9)

  • gary  
    good news, indeed!! I hope this works well for you
  • ion  
    Great to see you back here!! I had to rub my eyes when saw some new post -- and a new color scheme You really do rule the school!
  • Davecat  
    That's one hell of a return, Christine! Yeah, radio.blogs are fun - my Missus has one on her site as well.. I can't think of any requests for it now, but I'll come up with something. Good to have you back!
  • Bruno  
    Hi Christine,great to see you're back and happy anniversary!
  • karamae  
    I'm glad to hear it.. I'm really curious about this radioblog thing... is it like audioblogger?
    • Christine  
      I just looked up audioblogger - is that where you phone in your blog posts? How strange! Radioblog is just the radio up the top of my sidepanel, it lets you make flash audio files out of mp3s and then you upload them along with the radioblog files and voila!
      • karamae  
        I sort of get it.
        I think I meant audioblog.com.. not audioblogger, it looks like it is now called "hipcast.com".. I saw it on http://www.bunchofbettys.blogspot.com/ I've thought of using one of these services but am not sure if there's an advantage for me, I'm kind of clueless.
        • Christine  
          Ah, ok. I think that might be like webjay, which you can use to stream any mp3s one or more sites. With radioblog, you make swf and they use up less bandwidth than streaming mp3s (the reason I don't like to be included in anyone's webjay etc streams is because it uses up my bandwidth without anyone visiting my blog).

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