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Hello all! Been absent from the blog for much longer than intended, I'm sorry to say. But I hate to miss another Halloween, especially since my blog is named for a Halloween urban legend. So I've managed to squeak in a mix just in time!

'A Curse On You' is in a similar vein to my last couple of mixes: more of a haunting atmosphere than strictly horror-themed selections, though there are a few of those as well. I like to make my mixes a bit of an emotional journey through different moods and sonic textures, especially when fairly long like this one, which comes in at two hours and eight minutes.

This mix is packed with vintage European soundtracks, moody experimental pop, electronic forays, an abundance of 60s psych rock, and more. There's some of the sensual, affecting vibe of my previous mixes, but with more of a gritty, dirty punch - at least that was the aim!

Please enjoy this trippy spookfest! Here are the artists and songs featured in this mix (click 'Hide details' to see a simplified tracklist):

Tracklist (Hide details)

  1. Piero Umiliani - Toccata e samba (1969)Italian flag
  2. From the Angeli bianchi... angeli neri soundtrack.
  3. The Onyx - I Put A Spell On You (1967)UK flag
  4. From Kaleidoscope Of Colours: The Onyx Demo Sessions 1967, released in 2009.
  5. October Country - My Girlfriend Is A Witch (1968)USA flag
  6. From this 60s LA band's only album, October Country.
  7. Neal Gardner - Strip Nude for Your Killer (2013)USA flag
  8. From Giallo.
  9. Principal Edwards Magic Theatre - Sacrifice (1969)UK flag
  10. From Soundtrack (not a soundtrack to anything - it's just the album title!).
  11. Spooky Tooth with Pierre Henry - Offering (1969)UK flagFrench flag
  12. From UK prog band Spooky Tooth's collaboration with French musique concrète pioneer Pierre Henry, Ceremony: An Electronic Mass.
  13. A to Austr - A Curse on You (1970)UK flag
  14. From their self-titled album, the only release by this short-lived experimental British psych group.
  15. Broadcast and The Focus Group - Ritual / Looking In (2009)UK flag
  16. From Broadcast and The Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age.
  17. Jane Weaver - Cascade in Dark (2015)UK flag
  18. From The Amber Light.
  19. Siouxsie and the Banshees - Spellbound (1981)UK flag
  20. From their fourth album, Juju.
  21. Keith Seatman - Behind the Curtain, Red Room (2018)UK flag
  22. Ladytron - Horrorscope (2019)UK flag
  23. From their self-titled album, released earlier this year.
  24. Sexwitch - Ha Howa Ha Howa (2015)UK flag
  25. From Sexwitch, a one-off collaboration between Natasha Khan (Bat For Lashes) and TOY.
  26. Lena Platonos - Shadows Of Blood (2013)Greek flag
  27. A 2013 single from the Greek electronic musician, who has been recording since the early 80s.
  28. Goblin - Markos (1977)Italian flag
  29. From the soundtrack to the original Suspiria.
  30. White Candles - Altar Hexes (2014)UK flag
  31. From the Flowers for Delia EP.
  32. The Poppy Family - Evil Overshadows Joe (1969)Canadian flag
  33. B-side to their 1969 single 'What Can The Matter Be?', compiled on the 1996 anthology A Good Thing Lost: 1968-1973.
  34. Reign Ghost - Black Ode (1969)Canadian flag
  35. From their eponymous debut album.
  36. Adam & Eve - The Witch (1969)German flag
  37. From this German duo's album Paradise of Sounds.
  38. Manfred Hübler & Siegfried Schwab - Psycho Contact, Part One (1969)German flag
  39. A slightly confusing history to this track! Hopefully I have this right... German composers Hübler and Schwab released an album called Psychedelic Dance Party in 1969, under the name The Vampires' Sound Incorporation. Tracks from this were later used in Vampyros Lesbos and other Jess Franco films. Hübler and Schwab's songs from Franco's films were later compiled on Vampyros Lesbos: Sexadelic Dance Party.
  40. Beautify Junkyards - Sorceress (2018)Portuguese flag
  41. From The Invisible World of Beautify Junkyards.
  42. Harmonic 33 - Paranoia (2005)UK flag
  43. From Music For Film, Television & Radio, Volume 1.
  44. The Magnetic Fields - Don't Look Away (1995)USA flag
  45. From Get Lost.
  46. Auramics - Domino (2015)USA flag
  47. No official release, but you can listen to a few of their lovely tracks on Soundcloud.
  48. Lush - Last Night (1996)UK flag
  49. From Lovelife.
  50. Jane Weaver - The Fallen by Watch Bird (2010)UK flag
  51. From The Fallen by Watch Bird.
  52. Bernard Fevre - Double Dream (1975)French flag
  53. From Suspense.
  54. Sam Gopal - Season of the Witch (1969)USA flag
  55. A cover of the Donovan classic, from the album Escalator.
  56. Piero Umiliani - Blood River (1970)Italian flag
  57. From the soundtrack to Dieci bianchi uccisi da un piccolo indiano (aka Blood River. Vocals by Lydia Macdonald.
  58. Hunter Lea - Vibes Theme (2010)USA flag
  59. From the collection Imaginary Film Music on Soundcloud. Free download.
  60. Ennio Morricone - La strada della follia (1976)
  61. From the soundtrack to a 1976 Italian TV show called Drammi Gotici (Gothic Dramas), which was released in 1996.
  62. Jenny Lewis - Black Sand (2008)USA flag
  63. From Acid Tongue.
  64. C.A. Quintet - Trip Thru Hell, Part 1 (1969)USA flag
  65. From Trip Thru Hell.
  66. Ill Wind - Dark World (1968)USA flag
  67. Another 60s psych rock band on the list who released just the one album, Flashes.
  68. Cilibrinas do Éden - Bad Trip (Ainda bem) (1973)Brazilian flag
  69. Brazilian duo Rita Lee (Os Mutantes) and Lucia Turnbull recorded an album's worth of material, including this track, in late 1973. Intended to be named Tutti Frutti (later the name of a band they founded), it was shelved and not released until 2008, as Cilibrinas do Éden.
  70. Ennio Morricone - Doricamente (1970)Italian flag
  71. From the Le foto proibite di una signora per bene soundtrack.
  72. Marie Laforêt - L'arbre qui pleure (1964)French flag
  73. From her 1964 album, this is a cover of 'O Willow Waly', originally performed by Isla Cameron for Georges Auric's soundtrack to the 1961 film The Innocents.
A Curse On You album covers collage

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