In Part One, I shared songs from my most-loved albums of last year. Part Two features highlights from my favourite singles and EPs released in 2017. Enjoy! 


  1. Victoria - Papillon (Joueuse EP)French flag
  2. Green Seagull - (I Used To Dream In) Black and White (I Used To Dream In) Black and White single)UK flag
  3. Exploded View - Summer Came Early (Summer Came Early EP)UK flagAmerican flagMexican flagGerman flag
  4. Amaya Laucirica - More Than This (More Than This single)Australian flag
  5. Belle and Sebastian - The Girl Doesn't Get It (How To Solve Our Human Problems (Part 1) EP)UK flag
  6. The Jay Vons - Did You See Her* (Want You Tomorrow / Did You See Her single)American flag
  7. The Shacks - Fly Fishing (This Strange Effect EP)American flag
  8. Lia Pamina - Nobody's Baby (Sycamore Tree EP)Spanish flag
  9. The Rebels Of Tijuana - Pampa (Brazil 70 EP)French flag
  10. Bon Voyage Organisation - Goma (Goma single)French flag
  11. Halo Maud - Du Pouvoir (Du Pouvoir EP)French flag
  12. Lake Ruth - The Frozen Aisle* (Intervention, Displacement & Return EP)American flag
  13. 62 Miles From Space - Time Shifts (Time Shifts EP)American flag
  14. Mark Sultan - Let Me Out* (Let Me Out / Be The Blood single)Canadian flag
  15. Stereoscope Jerk Explosion - Djinn Fizz (Indian Tonik / Djinn Fizz single)French flag
  16. Ty Segull - Black Magick (Sentimental Goblin EP)American flag
  17. Bong Wish - My Luv (Bong Wish EP)American flag
  18. Prudence Rees-Lee - After The Moon* (After The Moon single)Australian flagAmerican flag
  19. Winter - Memoria Colorida (Memoria Colorida single)Brazilian flagAmerican flag
  20. Julia Jacklin - Eastwick (Eastwick / Cold Caller single)Australian flag
  21. Os Peregrinos - Viejo Ferrol (Canto Peregrino EP)Spanish flag
  22. Cléa Vincent - Méchant loup (Tropi-Cléa EP)French flag
  23. Benjamin Pirani - Not One More Tear (Dreamin's For Free EP)American flag
    Also released on 45 as Benjamin & The Dreamdancers.
  24. Susanna Hoffs - Take Me With U (Take Me With U single)American flag
    Hoffs paid tribute to Prince with this cover of his song from Purple Rain.
  25. The Galaxy Electric - Crystalline Glow* (Tomorrow Was Better Yesterday EP)American flag
  26. Modern Cosmology - C'est le vent (Summer Long EP)French flagBrazilian flag
    A collaboration between Lætitia Sadier and Brazilian group Mombojó
  27. Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions - Son of a Lady (Son of a Lady EP)American flag

*Not on Spotify.

Please see the last post for a note about using 8tracks. If you'd prefer, here's a Spotify playlist, though a few tracks are missing. You can also click the links on the track names above to hear a song.

Spotify version:

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